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There is no evidence that e cigarettes can reduce risk for smokers or that they can be used to reduce tobacco dependency.Users should know that the use of

Only rechargeable batteries of the correct type must be used in APVs.

Only ‘safer-chemistry’ batteries such as Li-Mn or Li-FePo4 cells should be used in APVs.

Unprotected Li-ion batteries or non-rechargeable batteries (primary cells) must not be used in APVs.

Unless the supplier provides evidence to the contrary, they have no product liability insurance or safety testing certification or approvals for their products.

Use of an APV is entirely at the discretion of the buyer and the buyer assumes any and all risk. We assumes no liability for correct or incorrect use of these devices. Buyers should know that APVs have potentially more risk than standard e cigarettes, due to the inclusion of a larger battery or multiple batteries. Incorrect use presents real risk, and there is no evidence that even correct use is without risk.